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Albukhary International University



Albukhary International University

The Albukhary International University (AIU) located in the city of Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia is fully funded through the Albukhary Foundation, a Malaysian based organization with an international presence started in 1996 by Malaysian corporate entrepreneur and philanthropist Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary.



- AIU is a charitable University. There are no tuition fees and all students receive full scholarships.

- Although AIU is founded by a Malaysian and is located in Malaysia, up to 80% of its students will be international, with a focus on students from Muslim minority countries. The balance will be Malaysian students irrespective of religious or ethnic backgrounds.

- AIU's requirements for entry are not targeted at academic high achievers. Instead students with reasonable academic standing, but who come from poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged or marginalized backgrounds are the ones who will be offered entry. These are students who are qualified for tertiary education, but are denied places either because of stringent academic requirements, or because they cannot afford the costs involved.

- All students of AIU are required to undertake planned Welfare and Service activities throughout their period of study. The objective is to inculcate in them the passion to Serve and Contribute.

- AIU staff, both academic and administrative will also be international in composition. They will be not only qualified and experienced, but equally if not more important, they must subscribe and practice the Philosophy, Aims and Objectives of the University.

- The curriculum will not be parochial, but will be based on universal principles and practices which will be relevant for the different societies from where the students come from.





The university campus occupies about 45 acres within the 75 acre Pusat Ilmu Sharifah Rokiah, one of the flagship charity projects initiated by the Albukhary Foundation. The campus was designed along Islamic principles and showcases some of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture from around the Middle Eastern countries. It is an eco friendly walking campus where buildings are located in a hierarchical order of importance radiating from the mosque as the heart and soul of the campus. Immediately surrounding the mosque are the Convocation Hall, Library and Main Administration buildings. The next circular layer of buildings comprises the various Schools and Faculties, Lecture Theatre Complex and the Student Centre. The outer layer of buildings comprises the student hostels, dining halls, sports and recreational complex and other ancillary buildings.

The layout of the campus with the Albukhary mosque placed at the pivotal position, and spanning into concentric circles throughout the campus depicts the overarching values based on devotion to God, and compassion for Humanity. This arrangement points to the "soul" of AIU that radiates outwards to all parts of the campus and its community to strive for educational and intellectual excellence.


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