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Universities/Colleges in UK


Universities/Colleges in UK

UK universities have long enjoyed a worldwide reputation for excellence. UK qualifications are recognised and well-renowned internationally. A degree from a well-respected UK university will place you ahead of many other students around the world when you graduate. UK university degrees are shorter than degrees in most other countries. Most UK BA degrees take three years and MA degrees one year to complete. 


  • Navitas Universities & Colleges

    Navitas Universities & Colleges

    Navitas works in partnership with eight of the UK’s most dynamic universities to offer international students pathways to a wide range of degree programmes. They are based on-campus in some of the UK’s most vibrant cities, including London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Swansea and Aberdeen. With their supportive environment, you can commence your studies on a UK university campus and progress seamlessly to each of the stages of your study.
  • Study Group-International Study Centres UK

    Study Group-International Study Centres UK

    The International Study Centres (ISCs) offer intensive courses of academic subjects, study skills and English language training. Each ISC is run by Study Group in partnership with the Universities.
  • EF - International Academy (IA)

    EF - International Academy (IA)

    It's true that attending high school in North America or in the United Kingdom will help you gain admission to top universities. But choosing the right high school is a critical step in the process.


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