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Life in Scotland

Life in Scotland

Scotland is a modern, diverse county with excellent education and healthcare services, offering an ideal living and working environment. Few other countries can offer cosmopolitan, modern cities within such short distances of unspoilt, rural locations. Commuting times are low, with more than two million people living within a 60-minute drive of the main cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Scotland offers a multicultural society, a temperate climate and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Scotland’s cities all offer something unique for residents.


  • Living in Scotland

    Living in Scotland

    Scotland is a great place to live and work. People from all over the world have found a warm welcome in Scotland and enjoy the variety of lifestyles on offer.
  • Culture


    The culture and cultural history of Scotland is extremely rich and varied.Scotland is a multicultural country.
  • Geography


    Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom (UK) and occupies the northern third of Great Britain. Scotland’s mainland shares a border with England to the south.
  • History


    Scotland was first decisively settled after the end of the last glacial period, roughly 10,000 years ago. Prehistoric Scotland entered the Neolithic about 4000 BC, the Bronze Age about 2000 BC, and the Iron Age around 700 BC.
  • Entertainment


    There are a million ways to fill your time in Scotland with many things to see and do. Each region of Scotland has plenty of attractions, which cover history, science, religion, wildlife and much more.
  • Currency


    The currency in Scotland is not different from the rest of the United Kingdom in that it is also consists of British Pounds (£), although Scottish banks print their own versions.
  • Living & Study Costs

    Living & Study Costs

    Budgeting for living costs is an important part of planning for university life. You must consider the cost of accommodation and daily living expenses as well as the cost of your tuition fees.
  • Work for Students

    Work for Students

    Most students are allowed to do some work while studying in Scotland. However, different rules apply depending on whether you're a student from a European Economic Area (EEA) country, or an international student from a non - EEA country.


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Last Updated: 30 November 2009
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