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Secondary Schools


Secondary Schools

Australia is a popular secondary education destination for international students. Not only does Australia offer quality, internationally recognised education, it also provides a safe, comfortable and multicultural environment. Secondary education in Australia aims to provide skills for your future study, employment and life in Australia or anywhere in the world.

Courses and qualifications

Australia’s secondary schools have a national curriculum that was developed to ensure high academic standards in all Australian schools. The different states and territories of Australia do have individual systems of secondary education, but all conform to the same high standards required by the national curriculum. For a school to be accredited to accept international students it must provide, or have access to, specialist English language programs.




  • Tasmania Schools

    Tasmania Schools

    Tasmania’s public education system aims to provide a quality education and rich learning experiences for all students. They want every student to have the opportunity to achieve their potential by providing them with the skills they need for the future.
  • ACT Schools

    ACT Schools

    The ACT Department of Education and Training promotes academic excellence and provides cultural enrichment and quality caring specifically designed to meet the needs of international students. The programs developed for international students include:
  • Northern Territory Schools

    Northern Territory Schools

    Through quality strategies, programs, people, partnerships and systems, the Department of Education and Training will grow educated, skilled and smart Territorials.
  • South Australia Schools

    South Australia Schools

    Every year, thousands of international students and visitors choose to take advantage of the excellent education and training opportunities here in South Australia. That number is growing each year and now more than 100 South Australian government schools are actively involved in international education.
  • Western Australia Schools

    Western Australia Schools

    Education and Training International(ETI) is the Registered Training Organisation and international business development arm of the Western Australian government's Department of Training and Workforce Development.
  • Queensland Schools

    Queensland Schools

    Queensland's first school opened in 1826 with 16 pupils, the children of soldiers and convicts from the first settlement in Moreton Bay. It was not until 1860, however, that the first Education Act was proclaimed and all primary education was placed under one general and comprehensive system controlled by the Board of General Education.
  • Victoria Schools

    Victoria Schools

    Victoria is Australia's education state. Victorian government schools are respected internationally for their high quality. Global partnerships have strengthened our experience and we have a track record of leadership.
  • NSW Schools

    NSW Schools

    Students from countries around the world enroll in New South Wales (NSW) government schools every year. Their schools are recognized for their excellent quality education programs, and they offer a secure pathway to a career or to further study including Australian and overseas universities.


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