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New Zealand Universities


New Zealand universities are well-recognised internationally. More than half are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and one is in the top 50. All have strong international connections and collaborate with universities in other countries on a range of research and teaching programmes. New Zealand’s university quality assurance system ensures that the standards of both teaching and research are high and consistent across all eight universities.

All New Zealand’s universities offer a broad range of subjects for undergraduate, masters and Doctoral (PhD) degrees in commerce, science and the humanities. A number of universities have more than one campus, often located in different cities, and some have overseas programmes, usually in partnership with an offshore provider, as a base for delivery of courses.

  • Auckland University of Technology

    Auckland University of Technology

    We’re New Zealand’s newest university . We perform our teaching, research and other duties as defined under the Education Act (1989).
  • Auckland University

    Auckland University

    Founded in 1883, Auckland is now the country’s largest university with 38,500 students, nearly 10,000 of whom graduate annually. The main campus is in the heart of Auckland city and we have four specialist campuses.
  • Otago University

    Otago University

    The University of Otago, founded in 1869 by an ordinance of the Otago Provincial Council, is New Zealand’s oldest university. The new University was given 100,000 acres of pastoral land as an endowment and authorised to grant degrees in Arts, Medicine, Law and Music.
  • Canterbury University

    Canterbury University

    When established in 1873, Canterbury College, as the University was originally known, was only the second university in New Zealand. Housed in graceful stone buildings on a central city block.
  • Lincoln University

    Lincoln University

    Lincoln University is New Zealand’s specialist land-based university. As a publicly owned and operated university that exists and operates under New Zealand statute, we are 100% committed to transforming land, people and economies.
  • Massey University

    Massey University

    Massey University has grown from a small agricultural college in Palmerston North to become New Zealand's largest residential university spread over three cities.
  • Wellington University

    Wellington University

    Victoria College was founded through an Act of Parliament in 1897, the year of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and named in her honour.
  • Waikato University

    Waikato University

    From modest beginnings on what was largely farmland, the University of Waikato has grown to a student population of about 13,000 of whom more than 4800 complete a qualification annually.


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