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Foundation Studies



Foundation Studies

Foundation courses help international students who may not initially meet entry requirements gain entry to undergraduate study at Australian universities and colleges. They also help students adapt to the Australian academic environment and life in Australia. Some foundation courses promise a place at university after successful completion of the course.

Courses and qualifications

There are two major advantages of studying a foundation course in Australia:

  • successful completion of a foundation course may guarantee entry into specific degree courses at some Australian universities.
  • foundation courses allow students to ‘settle in’ to the Australian education system and life in Australia before they start university or college.





  • ANU Foundation

    ANU Foundation

    ANU College is the academic pathway provider for The Australian National University, Australia's highest ranked university and among the world's best. ANU College prides itself on the excellence of its teaching staff, with all subjects taught by specialist teachers and academics, a number holding PhD qualifications. The teachers have extensive experience teaching international students.
  • Trinity College, Melbourne

    Trinity College, Melbourne

    Founded in 1872 as the first residential college of the University of Melbourne, Trinity is a unique tertiary institution that provides a diverse range of high-quality academic programs for some 1500 talented students from across Australia and around the world.
  • Monash Foundation

    Monash Foundation

    The Monash University Foundation Year program, commonly known as MUFY, is a one year program which qualifies international students for entry to university in Australia. Developed in close association with Monash University, the Foundation Year is a flexible qualification specially designed as a generalist course,
  • UNSW Foundation

    UNSW Foundation

    UNSW Foundation Studies (UFS) is a program of the University of New South Wales, and all courses are monitored and approved by UNSW Staff and Quality Assurance Committees. Established in 1988, UNSW Foundation Studies is the longest-running and leading Foundation Program in Australia and is designed specifically for students with an international education background. We are located on the University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus in the beautiful Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.
  • Queensland Foundation

    Queensland Foundation

    The program is accredited to provide students with a Certificate IV in University Preparation. Students who achieve the specific standards are guaranteed a place in the first year of undergraduate courses at The University of Queensland. Graduates enter all faculties of UQ including Arts, Sciences, Business, Economics and Law, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, Health Sciences, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, and Social and Behavioural Sciences.
  • QIBT Foundation

    QIBT Foundation

    The Certificate IV in University Foundation Studies and the Postgraduate Qualifying Program are Griffith University’s bridging programs. They are designed in consultation with Griffith University and are moderated by the university. QIBT Diploma programs are based on the first year of the equivalent Griffith University Bachelor degree program. In choosing to study at QIBT, you will be receiving a Diploma of the highest quality that is moderated by Griffith University.
  • Tasmania Foundation

    Tasmania Foundation

    Foundation Year in Tasmania gives international students the opportunity to study the pre-university year in a supportive and friendly environment.
  • RMIT Foundation

    RMIT Foundation

    Foundation Studies is an RMIT accredited pre-university program offered to give international students the fundamental skills they need to successfully pursue their chosen study program.Students who achieve the required grades for the guaranteed entry into a degree program are ensured a place in the appropriate bachelor degree. Students who pass foundation studies can also apply for a place in a diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree program that articulates into a bachelor degree.
  • Curtin Foundation

    Curtin Foundation

    The Curtin Foundation is an exciting step forward for the university and enables us to make a larger impact on the community we serve. Curtin currently has over 43,000 students throughout our campuses and a clear, focused research agenda committed to enhancing our world. Curtin is an excellent recipient for your philanthropic support - 100% of donations go to their intended cause, with no administrative costs taken from donated funds.
  • QUT Foundation

    QUT Foundation

    The International College's learning and teaching facilitiesand individualized support servicescontribute to the high rates of progression of our graduatesto their preferred university programs. Graduates also enjoy a high success rate in their QUT degree studies. QUT International College is located on QUT's Kelvin Grove Campus, only minutes from the CBD of Brisbane. Free buses are available to transport staff and students to QUT's two other Brisbane campuses. The QUT International College Foundation Program provides an excellent introduction to university life. It is designed for you:
  • New Castle Foundation

    New Castle Foundation

    The role of the University of Newcastle (UON) Foundation is to attract philanthropic support from alumni, community, business organizations and industry leaders in support of the University. We do this through seeking donations, investments and endowments. These are used for scholarships, academic positions and research centres. Our role is also to invest these funds and to ensure they are managed in the best interests of the donors, the beneficiaries and the University.
  • Eynesbury Foundation

    Eynesbury Foundation

    Eynesbury is a specialist pre-university institution where students work towards the common goal of university entrance. As the exclusive provider of several prestigious and successful University preparatory programs, Eynesbury has unique credentials in preparing international students for university life and study. Since 1994 Eynesbury has provided a Foundation Studies Program for the three South Australian Universities (The University of Adelaide, Flinders University and The University of South Australia).
  • Taylors College Foundation

    Taylors College Foundation

    Taylors college (Sydney, Monash, WA Universities & Auckland) Taylors College is a well-established, leading college in Australia and New Zealand. We provide world class, specialised programs in university preparation and secondary school education. With over 90 years experience in the education industry, we have achieved unparalleled success in preparing students for their university study. Ever since Mr George Taylor established the first college in Melbourne back in 1920, we have continued to follow his vision: that education is the key to future success in life.
  • Canning College Foundation

    Canning College Foundation

    Canning College offers a wide range of high quality courses to help students aged 17 and over prepare for University and TAFE, improve their career prospects and explore areas of interest. Founded in 1982, Canning College boasts an extraordinary success rate for students continuing their education at university:


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