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Foundation Studies


Foundation Studies in New Zealand

Students who wish to go to University but do not want to go to secondary school because they may have already completed schooling in their home country and/or may consider themselves too old can qualify for University by taking a Foundation Studies course at one of the Universities who offer these courses.

Foundation Studies is a one year course and start dates may be in March, April, July and September depending on the University. The courses are scheduled to finish shortly before the beginning of the next University semester so successful students can proceed directly into their Bachelor degree studies.



  • Waikato Ins of Technology Foundation

    Waikato Ins of Technology Foundation

    Prepare for your tertiary study by developing an understanding of what is expected at a tertiary level. Get the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.
  • Wellington Ins of Technology Foundation

    Wellington Ins of Technology Foundation

    WelTec foundational programmes have a strong focus on developing and supporting the individual learner. The Certificate in Preparation for Tertiary Study is offered in conjuntion with Victoria University and Whitireia Polytechnic and is designed to help students learn skills in preparation for academic study, while the Certificate in Community and Vocational Learning Skills teaches employment skills, community intergration and independence skills.
  • Southern Ins of Technology Foundation

    Southern Ins of Technology Foundation

    SIT offers a range of specialist foundation programmes to prepare you for success in our advanced qualifications. Choose from these specialist on-site programmes to prepare yourself for success in our advanced qualifications.
  • Waiariki Ins of Technology Foundation

    Waiariki Ins of Technology Foundation

    Waiariki Institute of Technology specialise in applied learning and vocational education for key international growth industries.Here you can find related information about foundation qualifications at Waiariki Institute of Technology.
  • Manukau Ins of Technology Foundation

    Manukau Ins of Technology Foundation

    Foundation Education is a bridging programme designed around you. We work with you to tailor a programme that will help you achieve your goals, from the 48 courses on offer. These include a core of Mathematics, Communication Skills, and Computing, with specialist streams in Business Studies, Sciences and Social Sciences.
  • Unitec Ins of Technology Foundation

    Unitec Ins of Technology Foundation

    Maybe you are a school leaver who wants to explore your options. Or a mature student who wants a career change or another opportunity to study what you love. If you dream of returning to education and improving your career opportunities, we can support you to develop the confidence, study skills and background knowledge you need.
  • Nelson Malborough Ins of Technology Foundation

    Nelson Malborough Ins of Technology Foundation

    As a student enrolled in this programme area, you will be guided from an introductory level of skills required for tertiary study to a level that will enable you to study independently in an area of your interest. These certificates are designed for people who may have struggled with learning while at school, or left school early some years back, or for people who want to start the journey of retraining for a different occupation.
  • Whitireia Polytechnic Foundation

    Whitireia Polytechnic Foundation

    Foundation Education in health is a one year full-time programme in either Health Science or Social Science. Study in these programmes helps students develop skills and practices to upgrade qualifications for entry into further tertiary study in health.
  • Otago Polytechnic Foundation

    Otago Polytechnic Foundation

    The School of Foundation Learning offers open-entry foundation programmes in a range of subjects that can act as an educational stepping stone for you.
  • Christchurch Polytechnic Foundation

    Christchurch Polytechnic Foundation

    CPIT's foundation programmes are the stepping stones to further study or to a new career. They can provide entry level qualifications for more advanced study or can help you to learn something new.
  • Tai Poutini Polytechnic Foundation

    Tai Poutini Polytechnic Foundation

    This course has been designed for students who need a helping hand into the world of Tertiary study. Students will learn a wide range of skills and will are able to try out many other courses as part of the programme. Students will earn credits towards NCEA Level 1 as well as setting themselves a great foundation for years to come.
  • Bay Polytechnic Foundation

    Bay Polytechnic Foundation

    The aim of these programmes are to provide you with an opportunity to increase your literacy, language and numeracy competence so that you can achieve you goals and gain entrance to the programme of your choice.
  • Northland Polytechnic Foundation

    Northland Polytechnic Foundation

    Foundation studies will help you gain confidence in your academic ability and provide a great pathway to further qualifications at NorthTec. The courses are tailored to meet each student’s needs and include literacy, numeracy and communication skills
  • Auckland Foundation

    Auckland Foundation

    If you left school with few or no formal qualifications but now want to be considered for entry into a degree programme, or if your English isn't good enough to qualify you for entrance to The University of Auckland, we have various pathways to help you take the first step towards achieving letters after your name.
  • Otago Foundation

    Otago Foundation

    The Foundation Year certificate is a university entry qualification recognised by all New Zealand universities. There is a strong emphasis on English language skills while preparing you for undergraduate degrees in Humanities, Health Sciences, Science and Business.
  • Canterbury Foundation

    Canterbury Foundation

    The Certificate in Foundation Studies will enable you to meet the academic and English language entry requirements for most of the undergraduate degree programmes offered by the University of Canterbury. As a Foundation Studies student you will develop your English language and study skills as well as gain an introduction to subjects in your chosen academic field.
  • Lincoln Foundation

    Lincoln Foundation

    The Lincoln University Certificate of Foundation Studies course (LUFS) is a university entrance qualification designed and developed by Lincoln University to prepare students for university studies.
  • Massey Foundation

    Massey Foundation

    The Certificate in Foundation Studies is a two-semester course that prepares students for degree-level study at Students who successfully complete the Certificate will have met the academic and English language entry requirements for undergraduate study at Massey.
  • Wellington Foundation

    Wellington Foundation

    As a Foundation Studies student you will be a fully enrolled student of Victoria University of Wellington which means you will have access to all the University’s facilities and support services. There are three entry dates each year: February, July and October.
  • Waikato Foundation

    Waikato Foundation

    Foundation Studies is a pre-degree programme designed to provide students with the subject content, skills, and personal attributes which will enable them to proceed to any undergraduate degree in this or any other English-speaking university.


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