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Occupation Accreditation Bodies



Occupation Accredition Bodies

ANZSCO is a system developed to collect, publish and analyse occupation statistics across government agencies, and is being introduced by the department as the new standard to capture occupation information in all visa, settlement and citizenship programs. ANZSCO will also be used within skilled visa programs, where it is a requirement for visa eligibility, as the standard by which a visa applicant's skills to undertake a specific occupation in Australia are assessed. Each occupation should be recognized and evaluated by one specific Occupation accredition bodies in order for a visa applicant to be able to be recognized as an employer in Australia. Below you may find information about occupation accredition bodies in Australia.





  • Landscape Architecture Society

    Landscape Architecture Society

    VETASSESS is Australia’s leading vocational education and training (VET) assessment provider. We help individuals, training providers and industry groups around the world define and achieve their learning and assessment goals.
  • Occupational Therapy Society

    Occupational Therapy Society

    The Council of Occupational Therapists Registration Boards (Australia & New Zealand) Inc. ("COTRB") was established in 1996 in Queensland for the consideration of matters of joint or common concern or interest to the Occupational Therapists Registration Boards in Australia and New Zealand. On the 17 February 2010 the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (SA) approved amendment to its Constitution and Rules and a change of name to the Occupational Therapy Council (Australia & New Zealand) Inc. ("OTC")
  • Optometry Society

    Optometry Society

    The Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (OCANZ) was established in 1996 with support of the optometrists registration boards in Australia and New Zealand, the Heads of the Optometry Schools, the Optometrists Association of Australia and the New Zealand Optometric Association. All are represented on OCANZ.
  • Radiology Society

    Radiology Society

    The role of the Medical Board of Australia is to: register medical practitioners and medical students develop standards, codes and guidelines for the medical profession investigate notifications and complaints
  • Radiography Society

    Radiography Society

    The Australian Institute of Radiography is the peak body representing radiographers, radiation therapists and sonographers in Australia.
  • Seafarer’s Society

    Seafarer’s Society

    The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is a largely self-funded government agency with the charter of enhancing efficiency in the delivery of safety and other services to the Australian maritime industry.
  • Trades Society

    Trades Society

    Trades Recognition Australia is a skills assessment service which specialises in assessments in trade occupations for the purpose of migration.
  • Social Workers Society

    Social Workers Society

    The Australian Association of Social Workers is the professional representative body of Social Workers in Australia, with 6,000 members nation-wide. The AASW is an incorporated company, guided by a constitution and nationally managed by a Board of Directors, elected from and by the membership.
  • Translators Society

    Translators Society

    NAATI is owned jointly by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and is governed by a board of five directors, who are appointed by the owners.
  • Veterinary Society

    Veterinary Society

    The Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Incorporated (AVBC Inc.) was incorporated in Victoria in December 1999. It is an incorporated association by agreement of the state and territory Veterinary Boards of Australia and the Veterinary Council of New Zealand to provide for a legal entity which has the authority to speak and act on behalf of all registering authorities and to facilitate the devolution from the then National Office for Overseas Skills Assessment.
  • Eligible Skilled Occupations

    Eligible Skilled Occupations

    The Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) is prepared by the Australian Government to identify specific skill shortages in Australia. You must be able to demonstrate your work experience and/or qualification matches an occupation that is on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) or the State Migration Plan List (SMP)


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