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Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is concerned with technology to treat information. The acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications are its main fields. The term in its modern sense first appeared in a 1958 article published in the Harvard Business Review, in which authors Leavitt and Whisler commented that "the new technology does not yet have a single established name. We shall call it information technology (IT)." Some of the modern and emerging fields of Information technology are next generation web technologies, bioinformatics, cloud computing, global information systems, large scale knowledgebases, etc. Advancements are mainly driven in the field of computer science.




  • University of Melbourne IT

    University of Melbourne IT

    The Melbourne School of Information (MSI) brings together IT programs from across the University, and provides a gateway for you to find information, make enquiries and apply for study in IT programs offered at the University.
  • University of Queensland IT

    University of Queensland IT

    School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering offers a multifaceted suite of teaching programs, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, in Information Technology.
  • Monash IT

    Monash IT

    The Faculty of Information Technology offers diverse courses through their campus-based Schools of Information Technology off-campus as well as on the following campuses:
  • UTS IT

    UTS IT

    UTS: Information Technology is among the leaders of IT education in Australia. Our links with the IT industry are second to none with all our courses developed in consultation with industry, and providing a valuable combination of technical knowledge and practical experience.
  • LaTrobe IT

    LaTrobe IT

    Train in programming, database, data structure and software engineering. Choose from a wide range of electives.


    RMIT has been at the forefront of computer science education since the early 1960s; pioneering some of Australia’s first computing courses, while forging a reputation for research excellence in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Collaborating with blue chip industry partners and maintaining a strong research presence, the School of Computer Science and Information Technology is one of the country’s largest and most industry-focused ICT program providers.
  • Deakin IT

    Deakin IT

    The School prides itself on the relevance of its degrees to industry, and its responsiveness to the rapidly changing demands of the employers in the IT industries. We have strong relationships with industry, providing opportunities for students to gain work experience as part of their degree.
  • Griffith IT

    Griffith IT

    Griffith's School of Information and Communication Technology produces skilled graduate and postgraduate professionals who are highly in demand and at the forefront of information and emerging technologies. We draw high quality staff and students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, and with our highly qualified and highly regarded academic, research staff and general staff, cater for over 1,000 domestic and international students.
  • Murdoch IT

    Murdoch IT

    The School of Information Technology offers a range of qualifications designed to create the kind of information experts that 21st century organisations need. Since IT is a field where people have access to enormous amounts of information, our staff are committed to helping students develop a professional approach and pursue the career path that matches their goals and specific areas of interest.
  • Swinburne IT

    Swinburne IT

    Information and Communication Technology is a thriving, dynamic industry. Our courses provide graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, and our strong ties with industry leaders enables our students to gain the professional experience to work in a range of business environments. From astrophysics to project management, Swinburne's Faculty of ICT is the place to start your future career.
  • Tasmania IT

    Tasmania IT

    School of Computing and Information Systemsis based on the Hobart and Launceston campuses but also teach in Burnie, Sydney, Kuwait, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. CIS consists of approximately 40 staff and 2200 students. Staff and students have access to the latest technology across our 10 computer labs. We are also home to HIT Lab AU which specialises in virtual and augmented reality.
  • Ballarat IT

    Ballarat IT

    The School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) offers a wide selection of exciting and technically rich education programs suitable for all potential students seeking an engaging and challenging tertiary education experience.
  • Wollongong IT

    Wollongong IT

    Welcome to the School of Information Systems and Technology (SISAT) - one of Australia's leading teaching and research centres for building, deploying and managing the latest computing technologies and business computing systems. nformation Technology (IT) represents one of the most exciting areas of employment for new graduates, with many graduates finding work as computing professionals in the finance, property and business services sector.
  • UniSa IT

    UniSa IT

    The Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment (ITEE) spans three UniSA campuses, City East and City West, located in the heart of the city and Mawson Lakes, which is a part of the flourishing technology hub of the Northern Region of South Australia. ITEE has five innovative schools offering experiential learning through engagement with industry, government and the community. On campus research centres and institutes create a vibrant nexus to support economic, social and environmental development.
  • Charles Darwin IT

    Charles Darwin IT

    Information Technology is a rapidly developing field, critical for the economic development of the Northern Territory. With a personal and interactive learning environment, our undergraduate and postgraduate courses allow for an immersive experience. Utilising state of the art technologies and methodologies, such as mobile technology, we equip our students for seamless integration into their chosen field.
  • Central Queensland IT

    Central Queensland IT

    The School of Information and Communication Technology delivers programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in a variety of disciplines. Amongst the programs currently offered are


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