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Business schools in United Kingdom have developed a range of programs covering areas such as management, marketing, commerce, and finance, along with specialist management areas such as sport, health and the media. If you want to study an MBA Australia can offer a wide variety of options to suit every requirement, with some ranking in amongst the top in the world. More advanced studies can be undertaken through a DBA or Phd program, with some postgraduate business programs offering alternatives to GMAT and allowing for distance study MBA online.There are also other options covering study areas such as Information Technology that can be completed as an alternative to more traditional qualifications.

  • University of Dundee, Business

    University of Dundee, Business

    Accounting, Finance, Business and Economics are crucial to the functioning of organisations, the global economy and to the development of societies.
  • London Metropolitan University, Business

    London Metropolitan University, Business

    London Metropolitan Business School (LMBS) is one of the largest and most successful Business Schools in the country. The world is becoming a smaller place and LMBS is aware of the need to provide students
  • University of Leeds, Business

    University of Leeds, Business

    The Leeds University Business School (LUBS) is one of the largest, most influential business schools in the UK. The School's state-of-the-art home is at the western end of the campus
  • Kingston University, Business

    Kingston University, Business

    Kingston Business School is a key part of Kingston University, the largest higher education provider in South West London, with more than 23,000 students enrolled on full and part-time courses.
  • University of Kent, Business

    University of Kent, Business

    They have over 21 years' experience of delivering high quality international business degrees and their students graduate with specialist expertise to meet the challenges of today’s businesses.
  • The University of Hull, Business

    The University of Hull, Business

    Hull University Business School is a leading UK business school dedicated to the development of responsible leadership for a complex world.
  • University of Hertfordshire, Business

    University of Hertfordshire, Business

    Because they take cutting-edge business theory out of the lecture theatre and into real-life work experience to give our students a head start in the competitive national and international job markets.
  • University of Greenwich, Business

    University of Greenwich, Business

    Their students are focused on entering good careers after they have completed their studies. They go the extra mile to support students
  • Edge Hill University, Business

    Edge Hill University, Business

    Edge Hill’s brand new Business School building was opened in January 2009. Set in the heart of the campus their state-of-the-art facility is a visible testament
  • University of East Anglia, Business

    University of East Anglia, Business

    Norwich Business School embraces the University's motto of ‘Do Different' by delivering innovative and pioneering courses at facilities in both Norwich and London.
  • The University of Buckingham, Business

    The University of Buckingham, Business

    Here at Buckingham Business School (BBS), they always put their students first. Their degrees are tailored to give students a global, ‘real world’ perspective and are highly regarded throughout the world.
  • Birmingham City University, Business

    Birmingham City University, Business

    Birmingham City Business School is one of the longest established and most respected Business Schools in the UK. With more than 3,200 students, it is also now one of the largest.
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Business

    Anglia Ruskin University, Business

    Their striking and award-winning business school building in Chelmsford as well as the new built in Cambridge offer the most advanced learning technologies.


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