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Engineering Schools in Australia provide professional qualifications over a range of engineering specialisations. Australian engineering schools are all regulated by the Institution of Engineers Australia, This professional body whose members are practising engineers and which is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the reputation and standing of engineers trained at Australian universities. It is for this reason that the Institute will only accredit an Australian university engineering course if it meets the highest standards of content, facilities, staff and above all quality of the graduates produced.






  • Melbourne Engineering

    Melbourne Engineering

    The Melbourne School of Engineering prepares students for careers in engineering, IT, surveying and spatial information science. We also have graduate courses for professionals seeking further study or research opportunities.
  • Queensland Engineering

    Queensland Engineering

    The School of Chemical Engineering is a national leader in the chemical engineering field and has an excellent international reputation which has been built over four decades at the University.
  • Monash Engineering

    Monash Engineering

    Monash University provides innovative engineering research solutions and offers a wide range of undergraduate engineering degrees. Our Faculty of Engineering is renowned worldwide for the quality of our teaching and strength in engineering research. Find out more about the internationally recognised engineering education and engineering studies at Monash University.
  • Adelaide Engineering

    Adelaide Engineering

    We are known for the quality of both our teaching and our research. Our lecturers and researchers are some of the best in Australia. And our graduates are some of the most outstanding engineers and contributors to the prosperity of the state and country. We invite you to join our team, and learn to engineer for the future.
  • UNSW Engineering

    UNSW Engineering

    The Faculty of Engineering at the University of new South Wales is the pre-eminent centre for engineering studies and research in Australia, offering the widest choice of disciplines. We provide a cutting-edge education for undergraduate, postgraduate, continuing education and research students, incorporating the latest developments in each field. The Faculty consistently performs well in international rankings and our staff and students are successful at winning competitive awards at the highest local and international levels.
  • UWA Engineering

    UWA Engineering

    Our Faculty offers exciting and challenging opportunities and a secure future to women and men ready to take on the challenges of the millennium.
  • UTS Engineering

    UTS Engineering

    At UTS we teach you the theory behind engineering but also train you to look at the practical application of that theory. Our rigorous and industry relevant undergraduate courses prepare you for engineering and our market leading postgraduate courses help you to take the next step in your career whether you want to move up the management ladder, deepen your technical skills, or both.
  • RMIT Engineering

    RMIT Engineering

    The College of Science, Engineering and Health (SEH) incorporates the fields of Sciences, Engineering, IT and Health and Medical Sciences.
  • Curtin Engineering

    Curtin Engineering

    Curtin Engineering is nationally and internationally recognised as a leader in Engineering Education and Research. We are dedicated to the enhancement of teaching and research and the pursuit of excellence and innovative applications of engineering technology as a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge, understanding and community relevance.
  • Latrobe Engineering

    Latrobe Engineering

    La Trobe University and the Victorian Government are investing $288M in constructing AgriBio, the Centre for AgriBioscience �" a world�"class institute for research and development in the agricultural biosciences. A further $94M has been allocated by the Australian Government, the University and other partners to construct the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science.
  • QUT Engineering

    QUT Engineering

    The School of Engineering Systems is active in continuing and professional education and it has a long history of engagement with the engineering profession through professional associations and consultancy work. The School is equipped with excellent facilities including the latest in signal processing equipment, advanced computer hardware and well-equipped undergraduate laboratories.
  • Swinburne Engineering

    Swinburne Engineering

    Swinburne students don’t just learn the theory, they develop the skills to turn great ideas into reality. Sustainable problem solving is a big part of Swinburne engineering, meaning that Swinburne engineering graduates are ready for industry.
  • Canberra Engineering

    Canberra Engineering

    The Discipline of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence covers a wide range of software engineering and computer science methodologies, which are used in the development, integration and maintenance of computer software.
  • Flinders Engineering

    Flinders Engineering

    Welcome to the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CSEM). We are one of the fastest growing computer science and engineering departments in the country offering accredited courses and best practice teaching, research and consulting in the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics and many branches of Engineering.
  • Wollongong Engineering

    Wollongong Engineering

    The Faculty of Engineering is comprised of three Schools, Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering (CME); Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering (MMM) and Engineering Physics.
  • Unisa Engineering

    Unisa Engineering

    Located at the University of South Australia's Mawson Lakes Campus, the School of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering (AME) is one of five schools within the Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment. The School is based in Building J and Building M, and has comprehensive teaching and research laboratories.
  • Newcastle Engineering

    Newcastle Engineering

    The School of Engineering offers a diverse range of study options at undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and research higher degree levels.
  • Deakin Engineering

    Deakin Engineering

    Deakin is Australia's expert in flexible course delivery, a concept that involves offering quality-assured, accredited education programs that contain what students need, when and where they need it, at a cost they can afford. ‘Flexible delivery' means mature-age students (aged 21 or more) can study part-time or full-time, from home or work, from anywhere in Australia or overseas.
  • Griffith Engineering

    Griffith Engineering

    Griffith University offers a broad range of Engineering degrees in Civil, Electronic and Computer, Environmental, Software, Sustainable Energy Systems, Sport and Biomedical, Electrical and Electronic and Mechatronic Engineering, and is launching the exciting new Mechanical Engineering program in 2012 on the Gold Coast campus.
  • James Cook Engineering

    James Cook Engineering

    Academic and Research Staff Chemical Engineering Discipline Chemical Engineering Research Chemical Engineering Research and Consultancies What does a Chemical Engineer do?
  • Tasmania Engineering

    Tasmania Engineering

    Engineers provide a sustainable infrastructure for living using computer software, power, transport, communications, high rise structures and environmental management to bridges spanning great rivers. The balance of applied science, analysis and creative design ensures that engineers lead the world forward.
  • CQU Engineering

    CQU Engineering

    Are you interested in a career that allows you to turn ideas into reality? Engineering and technology is about using science, maths and technology to provide solutions to the problems we face every day and improve our quality of life.
  • ECU Engineering

    ECU Engineering

    The School of Engineering at ECU is the fastest growing engineering school in Australia with an annual growth of more than 30% for the last 4 years.
  • Charles Darwin Engineering

    Charles Darwin Engineering

    Engineering is a fascinating field of applied science where creativity, innovation and design play major roles. Teaching programs have a strong design and innovation thread with quality diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering being offered.
  • Murdoch Engineering

    Murdoch Engineering

    The School of Engineering and Energy provides a high quality environment for teaching, learning and research. Our staff are passionate about their specialities and are committed to helping students develop skills and knowledge appropriate for rewarding careers in this twenty first century.
  • Victoria Engineering

    Victoria Engineering

    Engineering and Science play key roles in our every day life. Energy, healthcare, communication or transport contain significant aspects of engineering and science that will shape our future.


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